Mikhail ALTAISKY, Curriculum Vitae

Biographical data

I, Mikhail Altaisky, was born on July 26, 1964 in Sebastopol, USSR. After graduation from secondary school in Moscow (1971-1981) I entered the Department of Physics and Techniques of Kharkov State University (Ukraine). Having graduated from Kharkov State University in 1987, I began my career in Space Research Institute in Moscow. In 1993 got position at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna.


1987-1989 engineer Space Research Institute
1989-1991 junior scientist Space Research Institute
1991-2000 scientist Space Research Institute
2000-p/t senior scientist Space Research Institute
1993-2009 senior scientist Joint Institute for Nuclear Research
2009-p/t leading scientist Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


Ph.D. Thesis

"Quantum field Theory Methods in statistical hydrodynamics"

Dr.Sc. Thesis

"Wavelet-transform in theory of random processes and quantum field theory"

Participation in scientific projects

1988-1993 Tropical cyclone prediction program  Space Research Institute Moscow
1993-1996 Dark matter search program LNP JINR, Heidelberg  Dubna, Germany 
1994-1996 NEMO experiment program LNP JINR, Saclay  Dubna, France 
1995-2001 DNA structure analysis  LCTA JINR, ITEB  Dubna, Puschino 
1997-1998 Earthquake prediction and time series analysis  LCTA JINR, Solvay Institutes  Dubna, Brussels 
1998-2001 "Ganymed" project (Space body image analysis)  Space Research Institute, LCTA JINR  Moscow, Dubna 
1998-2003 Secondary emission power sources SRI, JINR, KhPhTI Moscow, Dubna, Kharkov
2009 Theory development for estimation of moments of random processes SIEMENS, JINR Moscow, Dubna

Scientific interests

are related to the applications of information theory, algebraic and functional analysis methods to interdisciplinary problems such as chaotic behavior, turbulence theory, structures formation physical description of biological systems, industrial applications of fractal structures, wavelet analysis, signal and image processing, quantum field theory.


I have published about 70 papers in quantum field theory, hydrodynamics, chaotic systems and turbulence, biophysics and other subjects. The journal publications available in English can be found in Publication list

Computer skills

UNIX, Windows, C++, Fortran, Reduce, HTML, Mathematica


Mikhail Altaisky, Laboratory for Radiation Biology, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, 141980, RUSSIA.

Phone +7-49621-63487

E-mail: altaisky@mx.iki.rssi.ru