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Evgeny Aleksandrovich KRASAVIN

Director, Laboratory of Radiation Biology
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Doctor of Biological Sciences; Professor
Phone: +7-49621- 65740
Fax: +7-49621-65948

Head, Department of Biophysics, Dubna University

E.A. Krasavin, b. 1942, doctor by education, began his scientific career in 1968 when he entered a postgraduate programme at the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems (IMBP), the USSR Ministry of Health, in the specialty Radiobiology. In 1971 ahead of time he defended a thesis for the academic degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences, which was concerned with the modification of the biological effect of accelerated heavy ions. Up to 1980, E.A. Krasavin worked at IMBP; in 1980, he was invited to JINR to manage research into the radiobiology of heavy charged particles. In 1985, he defended a thesis for the academic degree of Doctor of Biological Sciences. The thesis topic was Mechanisms Defining Difference in Biological Effectiveness of Radiation with Different Physical Characteristics. In 1990, E. A. Krasavin was conferred the title of Professor. Also in 1989, the Department of Biophysics was established at the Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, JINR, under his leadership. In 1995, the Department was transformed into the Department of Radiation and Radiobiological Research, JINR. In 2005, on E.A. Krasavin's initiative, a new Laboratory the eighth one was established at JINR for the first time in 25 years: the Laboratory of Radiation Biology (equal to an institute according to the ranking by the Russian Academy of Sciences). E.A. Krasavin authored more than 250 scientific papers and two monographs on the radiobiology of accelerated heavy ions. Under his supervision, three Candidate's (Ph.D.) and 14 Doctor's (the advanced doctoral degree) theses were defended. Since 1998, Prof. E.A. Krasavin has been Head of the Department of Biophysics, which was established on his initiative at Dubna University. The Department turns out specialists in radiation biology; its graduates work successfully in Russia, Europe, and the U.S.

Gennady Nikolaevich TIMOSHENKO

Deputy Director for Science, Laboratory of Radiation Biology
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor.
Phone :   +7-49621-64313
Fax :   +7-49621-65948

G.N. Timoshenko graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in 1971 and has been working since then at JINR. He specializes in radiation protection physics and dosimetry and has significant experience in the organization of radiation monitoring of accelerators. He performed a great volume of experimental studies of ionizing radiation fields at JINR's accelerators (in particular, secondary radiation generated around thick targets irradiated by high-energy particle beams and scattered radiation beyond accelerator shielding). G.N. Timoshenko proposed various new techniques and a number of instruments for radiation measurements. He also takes part in other scientific projects, in particular, in the Moon and Mars surface studies by nuclear spectroscopy techniques and in radioactive waste transmutation research. In 1986, G.N. Timoshenko defended a Candidate's (Ph.D.) thesis in experimental physics; in 2005, a Doctor's (the advanced doctoral degree) thesis in the topic Nucleon Radiometry in Radiation Fields Generated by Heavy Charged Particle Accelerators. In 1986, he participated in the Chernobyl accident elimination. In 1996, he was appointed Scientific Secretary of the Department of Radiation and Radiobiological Research, JINR; since 2005, he has been Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Radiation Biology, JINR. G.N. Timoshenko authored 80 scientific publications. He is a Professor at Dubna University.

Vladimír Lisý

Deputy Director for Science, Laboratory of Radiation Biology
Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics), Professor.
Phone :   +7-49621-63716
Fax :   +7-49621-65948

V. Lisý, a citizen of the Slovak Republic, was born on November 30, 1953.

Education: 1972-1977 I.I. Mechnikov Odessa State University, Faculty of Physics, Department of Theoretical Physics. 1988 Candidate of Science (Physics and Mathematics) (“Static and dynamic properties of particles with internal dynamics”), LTP, JINR; 2008 Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics) (“Continuum models of low-frequency dynamics of macromolecules and vesicles”)

Professional Career: 1977-2007 Šafárik University in Košice, Slovakia; 1993-1998 Head of Department of Nuclear Physics and Biophysics; 2003-2005 Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics. 2006-2014 Professor and Head of the Laboratory of Physics of Macromolecular Systems at the Technical University of Košice. Since September 2014 employed at LRB, JINR, currently as the Deputy Director. 1982-1988 Researcher at the Department of Biological Investigations, LNP, JINR; 1988-1990 Researcher, LTP, JINR; research visits to the Universities of Bologna, Stockholm, and Leiden; Pierre and Marie Curie Institute, Institute Laue-Langevin in Grenoble; 1997 Research Scientist at the Institute of the Structure of Matter, Madrid.

Educational Activity: Co-founder of several study programs, such as Biophysics and Chemical Physics at Šafárik University, supervisor of 7 PhD dissertations. Member of the Steering Committee of the EU project Centres for Masters and Doctoral Studies in Biophysics and Chemical Physics (Universities of Bologna, Paris VI, Stockholm, Wageningen, Prague, and Košice). Lecture courses of general physics, scattering of light, X-rays and neutrons, NMR and others.

Scientific-Organizational Activity: Member of the Permanent Commission for the Awards of Dr.Sc. Degrees in Condensed Matter Physics (Slovakia); member of the Working Group for Physics of the Accreditation Commission of the Government of the Slovak Republic (2003-2014); member of the Scientific Grant Agency of the Slovak Republic, Commission for Physical Sciences; member of the editorial board of Acta Electrotechnica et Informatica; member of the program committees of several international conferences; head of ten national and four international grant projects.

Research Interests: stochastic systems, mathematical modeling of biophysical systems, physics of macromolecules, soft condensed matter.

Scientific Publications: Author and co-author of more than 100 journal papers, one monograph, three book chapters, and two textbooks.

Prizes and Awards: Honorary Member of the Slovak Physical Society; prizes for scientific achievements of the Faculty of Science, Šafárik University, and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Technical University of Košice; commemorative medal of IEP Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Oleg Aleksandrovich BAKERIN

Deputy Director for General Affairs
Phone:   +7-49621-63662
Fax:    +7-49621-65072

Igor Vladimirovich KOSHLAN

Scientific Secretary
Candidate of Biological Sciences
Phone:   +7 49621-62577
Fax:   +7 49621-65948

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141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia

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